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Reassignment of Dr. Mahmoud Tabrizchi as the Iranian Representative in the SESAME Council.

 It's a great honor to announce Dr. Mahmoud Tabrizchi, the faculty member of Isfahan University of Technology ─ Faculty of Chemistry ─ has been reassigned as the Iranian representative in the SESAME Council (Synchrotron Radiation Center for Research and Applied Sciences in the Middle East) for the next two years. This membership has been renewed due to the extensive knowledge as well as the five-year history of his presence in this council as the Iran’s representative with the aim of making this project more known to Iranian researchers.

SESAME Project is the an international scientific and technical collaboration project for using a Synchrotron device in the Middle East which has been founded by cooperation of several Asian, European, and American countries aiming at developing Synchrotron accelerator technology and its applications in the Middle East. This international project was launched under UNESCO surveillance in 2002 with a model similar to CERN in Europe and since 2003 onwards, it has been operating as an independent international institution.

The IUT International would like to offer its congratulations to Dr. Tabrizchi for this reassignment and wishes him more remarkable successes in extensive international cooperation.


ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی