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A Network Made by 5 Technological Universities

Five technological universities in Iran have formed a collaboration network, among which IUT is one of the collaborators. Having the purpose of internationalizing the Universities in focus, this network has aims at other factors such as increasing the integration and collaboration of these universities in developing educational and research programs as well as strengthening the scientific diplomacy and macro programs of the MSRT in the organization plan in higher education. These universities include: Isfahan University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabir University, Iran University of Science and Technology, and K. N. Toosi University of Technology.

Specifying international joint research and technology programs, holding international educational and scientific conferences and workshops based on the research and technology priorities via formation of leading groups in each case, enjoying the equipment of the network’s members, etc. are among other purposes of this network.

In the meeting of the presidents of the technological universities initiating this program, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology stated that it is necessary to have synergism in higher education and we welcome sharing the capacities of any kind. He also put emphasis on necessity of localizing this program based on the needs of the country and added that organizing the higher education is the first priority among the issues of the higher education. Prof. Dr. Gholami also mentioned that other universities should join this program and joining the network of the technological universities should be based on precise indicators and criteria so that other industrial universities be able to join it by acquiring the required criteria.


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