Nationally honored top student could successfully graduate from IUT

Mr. Mosoud Atapour, the national topPhD student,successfully graduated from Department of Materials Engineering. 

In his PhD project, Mr. Atapour for the first time investigated the impact of microstructure on the mechanism and corrosion resistance of the most widely used α+β titanium alloy, Ti-6Al-4V, after gas tungsten arc and friction stir welding processes.
Professors Fathi and Shamanian, the faculty at IUT Department of Materials Engineering, and Professors Lippold, Frankel and Williams from Ohio State University were respectively the supervisors and advisors for this dissertation.
The results of this novel study are published in five international journals and presented at two international conferences held in the US and Singapore. 
It is noteworthy to add that as the major Titanium alloy of extensive applications, Ti-6Al-4V plays a basic role in various world industries involving the aerospace, naval and chemical fields. 

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